eksperti / judges

Aneta Dopierała (Poland)

FCI eksperte kopš 2011.gada

Starptautiskās kategorijas eksperte 

FCI 3 gr.  FCI 8 gr, FCI 9 gr

Nacionālās kategorijas eksperte  FCI 4 gr

Beata Petkeviča (Latvia)

FCI eksperte kopš 1991.gada

Starptautiskās kategorijas eksperte FCI 1gr, FCI2 gr, daudzām šķirnēm no FCI 5,7, 0 grupām

Inga Siil (Estonia)

FCI eksperte kopš 01-01-2002



I have got my first dog – white medium size poodle - Dessy in 1990, after many years begging my partents to buy me a dog.  Since then I have been crazy about dogs, dogshows, training dogs etc.  I started to work as a ringstewart in 1992 and in 2000 I started my studies at show judge course.

I became judge in 2002 and my first breed which I have got licence for was poodle.  At the moment I have rights to judge all breeds in group 4,7 8,9, 10 and half from group 3 and 5.

My first litter under prefix CEN CLARENCE’S was born 1994, it was litter of white medium size poodles.

I had a long break in breeding as I have had mostly males in my home. I continued breeding in 2014, this time with black miniature poodles.

In 2010 I welcomed new breed in  my home – löwchen, since that I have always had one löwchen at home.  This breed got very special place in my heart besides poodles.

I have been judging in all three Baltic and four Scandinavian countries, besides that in Russia, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, France, Chech Republic, Poland, Iceland and many others. I have been houred to judge poodle specialities in many contries, medium size poodles in black, white and brown at World Dog Show in  Budapest 2014 and  toy poodles and springer spaniels at European Winner show 2016 in Brussels.   

I have been president  of Estonian Poodle club and member of the board of Estonian Kennel Union. At the moment I am the president of Estonian Show Judges Committee since 2015. As many other judges I look for the correct breed-type, harmony , movement and typical breed temperament when I judge.

Maite Gonzalbo (Spain)

 FCI eksperte kopš 19-11-2005.

Audzējusi dažādas terjeru šķirnes,   Associació Canina Unió Cinófila de Catalunya dibinātāja un  prezidente kopš 2000. gada.

Since 1990 and together with her husband Jesús Pastor they bred Westies, Scottish, Fox Terriers, Cairn, English

Cocker and Yorkshire terrier under the affiX “ALBORADA”. Today they only breed West Highland White and Scottish

terriers. Up to date they obtained twenty-seven World Champions and over 900 other titles in 68 different countries.

She’s founder member of Associació Canina Unió Cinófila de Catalunya of which she’s President since 2000. She’s also a member of the General Committee of the Real Sociedad Canina de España since 2002 to 2012. She’s a member of the Club Español de Terriers since 1985 and now member of the committee. Member of the Club Español de Bulldog Ingles and vice president since 2013 to 2015. She’s a terrier judge since 2002 and she’s judged in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, Croatia, Romania, Rep. CzeCH , Portugal,

Norway , Hungary, Serbia, Finland, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine , Slovaquia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Cyprus , Colombia, Bielorusia, Turkey, Montenegro, Israel, San Marino, Sweden,

Denmark, Greece, Puerto Rico, Guatemala ,Luxemburg , China, Ireland, Swizerland, UK, Mexico, Bosnia, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan and Australia.

Judge International to the II, III, IV, IX Groups , some another breeds in the VIII & X groups.

Judge for Junior Handler and Best in Show

Jose Tomasa Delgado Cabezas (Spain)

 FCI  eksperts kopš 09-04-1986.

Biologist specialized in zoology with more than 36 years of experience as a dog judge, currently All Rounder

Judge in national, international and specialty dog show.

❖ General Steward at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th specialty dog shows of the Spanish Nordic Dog Club.

❖ Moderator at the first symposium on Nordic breeds held in Madrid..

❖ Spanish Shnauzer Club, former member, collaborator and assistant of several specialty exhibitions.

❖ Spanish Sand Molosser Club, steward in the first specilaty dog show

❖ In Madrid, February 8 and 9, 2014, Speaker of the Congress of Judges of the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

❖ Steward at the World Dog Show in Madrid in 1983, in the Nordic breeds ring acting as judge Mrs. Sheila Balch,

breeder of the Inuit kennel. Also, in the Terrier ring with Mr. Atkinson.

❖ Exhibitor and breeder of the Alaskan Malamute since 1979. Breeder with the Mumtrack kennel, obtaining 4

champions in a period of time of 2 years.

❖ Member of the organization, development and celebration of the IDC (International Doberman Club) held in Spain.

❖ Former Secretary of the Spanish Doberman Club

❖ Founding member of the Spanish Nordic Dog Club of Spain, former Vice President and currently Honorary President

❖ Judge recommended by the Spanish German Dogo Club.

❖ Collaboration with the Royal Spanish Canine Society in the correction of exams for aspiring judges.

Benjamin Sanchez Garcia (Spain)

 FCI ekperts kopš 04-03-2007


Fci  International Judge. My prefix is Fraguel´s and I am currently breeding Whippets, Spanish Water Dogs and Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz mainly but I was involved in many others breeds in the past.

 In my professional life I'm a vet.

  I started like exhibitor in the world of Dog shows in 1989( although I remember well my very first expo, when I was five years old at Jerez Dog Show in 1974) , I passed my first judge exam ( to judge national open shows ) in 1997. After, in 2001 I passed my exam like cc judge, and I ´ve gone increasing my judging list of breeds in different years. Actually I am an All rounder judge since 2018. I’m international FCI judge, since 2006.

Like a breeder/ owner-handler, my dogs have earned more than 300 championship titles to date, from very different countries, including world and European winners in my different breeds.

I feel about me like a mix between a sighthound & terrier man, because my preferred breeds are from these groups.

Big thank you, see you! 

Lars Tomas Rohlin (Denmark)

 FCI eksperts kopš 26-09-2001

   There have always been animals and particularly dogs in my life. Showed the family collie at the age of 9 at the big Stockholm show. We had the first home born litter when I was 12. From there the interest grew. Started Steadlyn collies together with Mia and Anja. When we went separate paths, I went travelling the World, all in connection with dogs. Worked with a professional handler in the US. Worked with dogs in Japan and Brazil. Coming back to Sweden I felt I needed to return to Brazil. Brought 3 collies with me and stayed there for almost 10 years.

Job brought me back to Europe again and the choice was Denmark. I was warmly welcomed. The Danish Kennel Club accepted me to their judging training program on my International merits. I have slowly worked on getting more breeds and have 6 full FCI groups and breeds in the other groups too. I have been fortunate to have judged in most countries north of the Alps, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, South Africa, Australia, New Zeeland the US and Brazil.

My breeding activities have been very limited. But, I have breed champions In Europe, the US and Brazil under the prefix Rollington.

Ernestas Balsiukas (Lithuania)

FCI eksperts kopš 01-01-2012

Cynology is my main hobby, as my main work is in medical arial  and I am involved in it.I try to improve my knowledge in cynology. I grew up in the countryside with dogs and horses. I have been judging for more than 10 years in many European countries, in some specialties. Also I have some responsibilities in the Lithuania Cynology Club. My first dog was Newfoundland , later I had great danes, with which I participated at the dog shows and achieved many awards. At this moment I have an Azawakh, which I am  so excited about.