Jelena joined LKF as a member since 1994 with Rizen Schnauzer breed, being a professional dog trainer.  1st authorization as a judge  17-12-2019

In 2002 started to engage in the Pomeranian spitz breed and registered her cannel “Aristokrat Plus” in 2008. The dogs from the “Aristokrat Plus” cannel have won multiple World and European Champion titles in the following breeds: German Klein spitz and Mittel spitz .

Jelena has been a head of breeding work in the primitive breed club in Riga.Director and co-owner of the first Latvian school of handling and grooming.

Brigita  is a professor of mathematics on secondary school. Brigita has a wonderful husband Beno and three children: boys Tadej, Stef and daughter Petja.

She got her first dog when she was 14 years old - Rough Collie and soon Brigita became very interested in dog world. She attended training classes and passed an exam in Obedience. She started going to Dog Shows as well.

Today Brigita is a breeder of West Highland White Terriers. She bred also Rough Collies and Bichon Frise. Brigita had her first Collie litter in 1986 and her first Westie litter in 1993. She breeding together with her mother under the kennel name Brigoree. She has or had owned or bred almost 100 Junior European, international, national and club champions in all three breeds.

Now she has most successful West Highland White Terriers in Slovenia.


Brigita became a judge in 1991 and she eligible to judge the complete FCI groups I, II, III, V and the IX on an international level.

Until now she has judged the breeds from all her groups on World, European, international, national and special shows in Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia.


Brigita is a President of Slovenian Club for Terriers. She is also a Board member of Slovenian Club for toy dogs. Besides that she is a Vice President of Breeding Committee of Slovenian Terriers Club and a a President of Breeding Committee of Slovenian Club for Toy dogs.

Brigita is a member of organizing Committee for Maribor Dog Shows. Annually they organize double international shows accompanied with a terrier special show with Slovenian Club for Terriers and Slovenian Club for German Boxers.

Brigita is also a member of Organizing committee for EURODOGSHOW SLOVENIA 2010.

On the level of Cynological Association of Slovenia she has served as a member of Supervising Committee and as member of Judges Committee.

Brigita named as an examiner for new judges by Educational Committee.

Orietta is a Doctor (Human Medicine), she is a Boxer’s Breeder with the name “DEI BOIONI”.

She  has Boxers since she was a child, her father started in 1970. 

Orietta's Boxers won some important titles : twice Champion of the Year in Germany, three times Champion of the Year in Italy, once Champion of the Year in Switzerland and in Austria too, three times Europe’s Champion, and many titles in Italy (Italian Champion, Club Champion), Germany (German VDH Champion, Club Champion, Bundessieger, German Winner), Winner Amsterdam, Champion of the Year in Nederland, Serbia, Swiss Champion, Hungarian Champion, and so on … 

     She is an International Judge, Boxer Specialist and Selector since 1994,

     since 2009 she is all-rounder. 

Orietta judged in the most important countries of the world. In the 1999 and in 2011 she judged the World Championship Show only for Boxer (Atibox) and many times the Championship Show for Boxer in Italy.  In 2010 Orietta judged the European Dog Show (FCI) in Celje (Slovenia), in 2012 the FCI World Dog Show in Salzburg (Austria ), and the ATIMANA in Paestum (Italy), in 2015 the World Dog Show in Milan (Italy), in 2016 the European Dog Show in Bruxelles (Belgium).

She was the Italian delegate on the F.C.I. Judge ‘s Commission.

Orietta was many times in the ENCI Exam’s Commissions for new judges, and mentor for Boxer and Italian Greyhound  and some others breeds.

She was a lector at the University of Pisa for a special course about Boxer.

In Saija’s childhood she was used to living with dogs because her grandparents had a couple of Rough Collies and later a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Later next door was the famous Finnish Borzoi Korotai kennel. Saija’s parents bought their first dog in the early 70’s – a Karelian Bear Dog which they used also for elk hunting and they also had a Bear Dog litter at home. Her first own dog was a black and tan German Pinscher and she bred her first litter with seven Pinscher puppies in July 1979.

The first Saluki came into Saija’s life in 1980. She was really attracted by Afghan Hounds, and wanted to have one, but her family didn’t agree with her because they already knew how much work it would be with a huge coat. The other breed she liked very much was Greyhound, but at the time it was not easy to buy a puppy in Finland. Before they got their own smooth Saluki, Saija had never heard about two different coat types but now she has such a unique Saluki at home – usually people thought that she was a small Greyhound or a big Whippet!

     Saija has been involved in many Club activities, as secretary, show committee member, a ring steward and the President of the Finnish Saluki Club during 1995-2003 and a board member of the Finnish Show Judge Society.

     At the moment she is a member of the Finnish Kennel Club Standard Working Group. 

Today, she is in charge of training new judges into the secrets of the breed.

She authorized to judge Salukis in the summer of 1999 and today Saija judging all breeds.


Kimmo is a Border Terrier Breeder – Ommik’s Kennel

Shows organizer

World Dog Show 2025, Helsinki, Chairman of the Committee

World Dog Show 2014, Helsinki, Vice Chairman of the Committee

Winner Shows 2013-, Helsinki, Vice Chairman of the Committee, Chairman 2023-


Dog Show Judge since 2010

All Breed judge



Judged WDS 2018 Amsterdam, NL, WDS 2023 Geneva, SUI, EDS 2023 Herning, DK

Has judged in Dog Shows in Scandinavia, UK, Europe and Australia in 32 countries.

Special Judge for Terriers

Owned and shown the following breeds: Border Terrier, Saint Bernhard, Finnish Hounds, Finnish Spitz, Swedish Elkhound

In his life, Bruno has always had an eye for the animal world, especially for dogs, his life companions from an early age. Over the years he has been lucky to meet his wife Paola, with whom he shares love for animals and which they have passed on to their daughter Viviana.

He has been breeding medium and toy poodles since 1982 and since 1990 with the "Osmanthus" prefix. The passion for this breed has occupied much of his free time, without however neglecting his small business company for the construction of electronic equipment, an activity started in 1977.

Retired since the end of 2014, he can dedicate more time to his passions: dogs and photography.

They have bred for quality, not quantity, producing one or two litters a year and now even less, but despite this, they have produced WORLD Winners and EUROPEAN Winners, numerous Italian and international champions, champions from almost all European countries, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, Canada, Israel, USA and South America. Winners of many BIS in Italy and abroad.

In these fundamental 41 years, Bruno had the opportunity to know the most important and historic breeders and expert judges in the dog world, whose precious teachings he cherishes with esteem and affection. All this increased his passion and enriched his cultural background. 

Actually he is the Vice President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Monzese "Corona Ferrea".


He became a Poodle Judge in October 2006 and since 2024 he is "All Rounder".


 He has had the honor of being part of the jury of the EUROPEAN shows in Geneva 2013 and Wels 2019, the WORLD shows in Milan 2015 and Brno 2021, the most important international shows and specialties throughout all Europe, Israel, Scandinavia, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Japan and Australia.

Bruno has held seminars on the Poodle breed in Italy and abroad.

Author of the comment on the Poodle breed published by ENCI and of articles on various breeds for "I Nostri Cani" and various specialized magazines.

Rasma from childhood had a variety of dogs, but her journey to the world of Cynology started in 1995 when she bought her first two Borzois.

She was involved in the activities of Latvian Sighthound Club for more than 25 years, also as Board Member and Breeding Manager.

Currently she is a member of LKF (Latvian Cynology Federation) Show and Judges Commissions.

Rasma is authorized as Group Judge for FCI Group 10 from 2012 and as well as judge for FCI Group 5 un 4.

Rasma currently is international Judge with significant experience in judging Speciality dog shows in various European countries, including Baltic and Nordic countries, aforetime also in Russia.